October (just) update

Where do I start?! A mini re-brand, new product launches, the kids (obvs) and your amazing orders have all been keeping me on my toes lately, BUT with Christmas coming up and a whole range of new products on the website, I thought it time to randomly pop up in your inbox and share with you the latest going’s on – oh and also to remind you that if you’re looking for cute and quirky gifts, for yourself or someone else, then I’m your gal…

I know time is precious so if my rambling email is too much to take in and you just want to see the new look website, then click the button below… if on the other hand you’ve got some time to kill, put your feet up and read on.

So what have I been up to?

Check out the latest illustration

If you follow me on insta, you would have seen that I drew this cute illustration for Halloween, What started off as just a pumpkin drawing, ended up a full blown witchy scene and I couldn’t love it more.

If you fancy giving your phone a little Halloween glow up then just click here.

New product photography

After a long, LONG wait, she’s back and knocking product photography out of the park. I cannot recommend Jessie enough – she’s absolutely transformed my product photos, just look at them!

If you’re a small business and need a photographer then please check her website out!

What I’m reading

Ever picked up a book and thought that the story had been pulled directly from your brain? THIS is exactly how I felt after I started reading this book… if you follow Hayley on Instagram then you absolutely must read this, hilarious, interesting and bizarrely on point 😉

What I’m listening to

Baxter. Always Baxter at the moment. A couple of weeks ago we finally got to see him after about a 2 1/2 year wait (thanks COVID) and he was amazing, if you ever get a chance to see him, you must – if only to hear him shout ‘I’m the sausage man’ to a crowded room, and for the crowd to shout it back.

Listen now on Shopify.

Stockists on the high street…

If shopping in person is more your thing, then I figured it might be worthwhile sharing some of my stockists from around the UK, just in case they happen to be near you.

So, without further ado…

Introducing one of my first bricks and mortar stockists, Our Handmade Collective. Proud stockists of over 100 independent designer / makers, their shop is full to the brim with gifts and cards for any occasion.

Our Handmade Collective